APU's tuition is composed of "Tuition A (base tuition that is the same amount for all students)" and "Tuition B (varies depending on year level)".
As for scholarships, in addition to APU’s own scholarships, there are scholarships offered by national and local governments as well as private scholarship organizations.

Tuition fee

APU's tuition is composed of 2 parts; "Tuition A (base tuition that is the same amount for all students)" and "Tuition B (varies depending on year level)".

Annual tuition fee (April/September 2024 enrollment)

*The amount of tuition fee is reviewed annually.

Estimated annual tuition fee for students entering in April 2024 up to the minimum term of study

Student’s year Tuition fee
1st year ¥1,300,000
2nd year ¥1,500,000
3rd year ¥1,500,000
4th year ¥1,500,000

  • Even if a student registers for and earns more than 124 credits (credits required for graduation) in 4 years, he/she does not have to pay additional tuition fee. However, separate fees may be charged for taking certain programs.
  • If a student is in their 5th year or above, he/she will be charged 1/2 of Tuition A (common for all students) and Tuition B for the number of credits they registered.
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The scholarship system at APU has been developed to help provide equal opportunities to students and support the growth of our diverse student body. A range of scholarships are available at APU, such as APU's own scholarships and JASSO scholarships as well as government scholarships and scholarships from private foundations.

APU’s own scholarships

Domestic Students Academic Excellence Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students who are motivated to embody the APU 2030 Vision with high English proficiency and have the knowledge, skills, judgement, expression, initiative, and capacity to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds as mentioned in the Admission Policy.

Eligible examinations April and September 2024 Entrance Examination for Domestic Students (first year new students)
*Transfer entrance examinations are not eligible.
Number of students accepted Up to 37
Amount Equivalent to the full amount of tuition
* If a student is receiving either the Japanese Government Higher Education Student Assistance Program (Tuition
Reduction) or Domestic Students Tuition Reduction or both, the left amount.
Period of allowance Four years
*Subject to a continuing review each semester.
Payment Method Allocated to the amount of tuition payment
Application method Applicants must declare their desire for the scholarship when registering their application and submit documents
showing their English language proficiency.
Results Applicants will be selected based on their application documents and entrance examination results, in addition to a comprehensive review of their English language proficiency, and will be notified at the same time as the
announcement of entrance examination results.
*Applicants who wish to receive the scholarship through the General Selection (Paper test) do not need to submit
any documents showing English language proficiency, as foreign language subject is covered
in the entrance examination.
*You will not be able to receive "Domestic Students Financial Support Tuition Reduction" with this scholarship.

For details, please refer to the Undergraduate Application Handbook.

Domestic Students Tuition Reduction

This is a financial support scholarship which students can apply after enrolling in APU. Provided independently by APU, the scholarship involves raising the value of the tuition reduction provided under the Japan Student Services Organization Scholarhip Grant (hereafter the "JASSO Scholarship Grant") to 50% of APU tuition. Students can apply for the scholarship even if they are not eligible to apply for the JASSO Scholarship Grant.

Eligibility ・Students selected to receive the JASSO Scholarship Grant.
・Students ineligible to apply for the JASSO Scholarship Grant (such as those whose status of residence is Family Member,
those for whom more than two years has elapsed between high school graduation and university entrance, etc.).
*Students who do not meet the selection criteria for the JASSO Scholarship Grant because their household income
exceeds the limits set by JASSO, etc. are not eligible for this scholarship.
Value Up to the equivalent to 50% of tuition
*Please note that, students receiving a tuition reduction under the JASSO Scholarship Grant will receive only the difference between the value provided under this grant and the value of 50% of tuition: JASSO Scholarship Grant + APU Domestic
Students Tuition Reduction = 50% of tuition.
Term of award Maximum of 4 years (or minimum period required to graduate)
*Dependent on eligibility screenings (on grades and household finances) conducted each year.
Payment method An amount equal to the scholarship value is deducted from invoices for payment of tuition fees.
*Please note that in the semester when payments begin, recipients will need to pay the full semester tuition amount
initially, with the amount of the scholarship refunded to them after scholarship awards are finalized (refunds are expected
to be issued in mid-October for the Spring semester, and mid-February for the Fall semester).
Application method Calls for applications are made after each enrollment period (April and October).
For more details, please wait for information to be provided after enrollment.
Dormitory Fee Reduction System

This is a system with the objective of providing post-enrollment financial aid to those who apply to APU and who wish to move into AP House (international education dormitory). Individuals may apply after applying for admission as well as prior to applying for the dormitory.

Eligible for Support Those wishing to move into APU House who have gone through the AY2024 domestic admissions process (first-year
students who are new enrollees).
Application Qualifications Applied for the Japan Student Services Organization Benefit Scholarship Reservation Program and in receipt of a
“Notification of Decision for Candidate Awarded a University Scholarship for AY2024 [Reiwa 6]”.
Number of Awardees 60
*Note: we may not be able to make awards to all benefit scholarship recipients.
Details of Support Half of the monthly dormitory fee for AP House for 11 months will be exempted.
Application period December 1, 2023 (Fri)–January 31, 2024 (Wed) (postmarked) *for both April and September move-ins.
How to apply

Please see the application requirements published on APUmate, the applicant website.

Other APU Scholarships
  • ANDO Momofuku Award

    Awarded to 3rd year (5th semester) undergraduate students who satisfy any one of the following criteria:
    ① Outstanding academic record
    ② Distinguished performance in extracurricular activities
    Awardees per year: Up to 4
    Amount: Up to 500,000 yen

  • ANDO Momofuku Honor Prize

    Awarded to students scheduled to graduate (students in their 8th semester) who have achieved outstanding performance in their studies and extracurricular activities and have positive goals for their future careers.
    Awardess per year: Up to 4
    Amount: Up to 1 million yen

  • APU Academic Merit Scholarship

    Awarded to students at each year level who have earned the prescribed number of credits and who have achieved the most outstanding grades in their respective colleges, years and semesters of enrollment for the semester concerned.
    Awardess per year: Approximately 30
    Amount: Up to 100,000 yen

  • APU Incentive Scholarship for Self-Motivated Students

    Awarded to individuals and groups that achieved outstanding results in self-motivated activities.
    Awardees per year: Determined within the limits of the budget
    Amount: Up to 100,000 yen for groups/ Up to 50,000 yen for individuals

  • Domestic Students Financial Support Tuition Reduction

    Granted to those facing hardship in continuation of their studies due to death or unemployment of their household’s major breadwinner.
    Awardees per year: Up to 20
    Amount: 50% tuition reduction

Scholarships Offered by Organizations Outside APU

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Scholarship

The government provides loans for tuition and other expenses to outstanding students who have difficulty attending the university for financial reasons. There are two types, each with its own conditions. For details on how to apply for the JASSO scholarships, please refer to the information contained in the “Handbook of Enrollment Procedures” sent to successful applicants.

  • 1. Type 1 Scholarship (Interest-free loan)

    Students who commute from home can choose from 20,000 yen, 30,000 yen, 40,000 yen, or 54,000 yen.
    Students who commute away from home can choose from 20,000 yen, 30,000 yen, 40,000 yen, 50,000 yen, and 64,000 yen.

  • 2. Type 2 Scholarship (Loan with interest)

    Interest-bearing up to a maximum of 3% per annum, with a choice of amounts ranging from 20,000 yen to 120,000 yen in 10,000 yen increments.
    *Interest-free for duration of enrollment.

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