Reinvent business through innovation

The world is facing numerous, unprecedented problems with the COVID-19 pandemic and outbreak of international conflict. The College of International Management is dedicated to the nurturing of leaders who can change society with the power of business. As the center of internationally certified, diverse, and inclusive education in the Asia Pacific region, we aim to further evolve into a vision-driven, mission-oriented business school.
In APM, students will study through four fields of study; "Strategic Management and Leadership" to lead organizations strategically and responsibly, "Entrepreneurship and Operations Management" to impact the world with creativity and innovation, "Marketing" to meet diverse market needs and communicate value, and "Accounting and Finance" to quantitatively evaluate and drive organizational activities and values. The program integrates these fields while cultivating the ability to think about, apply, and practice business.
The Capstone course where students will work with international students to propose solutions to real life problems faced by companies and Business Case Competitions which provides students with opportunities to connect and compete with business schools around the world will help them develop the international standards they will need, to be active in a global society.

The College of International Management and the Graduate School of Management have earned two international accreditations, in addition to joining the PRME(Principles for Responsible Management Education) community in May 2021, making APU one of three such institutions in Japan.

Message from the Dean of College

College of International Management
Professor Lailani L. ALCANTARA (Philippines)

At APM, you will study business in an unparalleled diverse environment that gives you unique opportunities to grow personally and professionally. You will deepen your knowledge on business; cultivate leadership, entrepreneurship, and global skills; and develop appreciation for diversity and inclusion by tackling business, environmental, and societal challenges together with people across the globe. Join APM and become a force for good in your career.

Choose the area of study that is best for you from among the four offered!

  • Accounting & Finance

    Learn about the ebb and flow of money in corporate activities and acquire expertise about raising and managing funds.

    The financial situation of companies and other organizations is judged by the ebb and flow of money. This is called Accounting, and it is a field that requires advanced specialization. Finance is the field concerned with raising and managing the funds necessary for corporate activity and requires substantial expertise. In these areas, students will learn about financial conditions of companies and other diverse types of organizations and how to manage them. This area of study is for students who wish to pursue careers in fields such as investment management, banking, auditing, and consulting.

  • Marketing

    Learn how to effectively provide products and services with high value to customers of the market.

    Marketing means creating and providing values through exhaustive communication to target individuals and markets. Learn techniques such as brand building, development of products and services, setting of prices and promotion strategies, development of digital businesses, and methods for managing customer relations and distribution systems. This area nurtures students who want to proactively ensure the success of local and global businesses and teaches methods for sustaining and growing businesses in a fiercely competitive and rapidly changing environment.

  • Strategic Management & Leadership

    Learn how to strategize and lead business with impact.

    To ensure their lasting development, organizations must set aims to create a meaningful vision and set goals that are beneficial to society. In addition, it is essential for organizations to build an organizational culture, processes, and policies that contribute to the growth and success of its employees. This area of study is for students who aim to be at the forefront of an organization’s long-term success in a leadership role or plan to take over a family business, as it teaches strategizing, resource management, leadership, and other strategic management concepts, skills, and competencies necessary to be in that position.

  • Entrepreneurship and Operations Management

    Learn the methods, concepts, and operational techniques to start a business to make innovation.

    Solutions for new business trends and sustainability issues are driven by innovation and form from business ideas that include strategic processes. In this areas of study, students gain the knowledge, skills, and mindset needed to start and operate new ventures and organizations, including business opportunity exploration, development of business models, project management, and entrepreneurial spirit. It is for students who aspire to start their own businesses or contribute to the growth and operational effectiveness of existing organizations.


Culmination of learning at the College of International Management - Capstone Course
Take on corporate issues with internatoinal students

The Global Management (Capstone) course is a required subject for fourth-year students in the College of International Management. Guest lecturers are invited from companies to discuss actual issues their companies face, and domestic and international students work in teams to apply the management knowledge they have accumulated in the course of their studies to explore solutions to the issues raised.
Companies that have participated in the past include KOSÉ Corporation, Yanmar Holdings, and Sony Corporation. Staff who are involved at the forefront of corporate planning and marketing give presentations on their business and industry and students from different countries form teams to address the business challenges faced by the company.
Having diverse nationalities enables the teams to generate innovative ideas and business plans.

Double Degree Program

Neoma Business School, France

Earn a degree from APU and a top business school in France in four years

The aim of the Double Degree Program is to enable students from APU and Neoma Business School (NBS) to take subjects for two years at each university (four years in total) to receive a degree from each university. NBS is one of the few French Business Schools to have the Triple Crown Accreditation of AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS, and is a renowned business school in the world. As such, receiving a degree from both APU and NBS is a great way to enrich students‘ studies. Students from APU will be challenged in new ways while studying at NBS, having to actively engage in discussions on business and management in English with local students. Students will learn French, and take part in an internship that is at minimum of 18 weeks long.