Events introducing cultures from around the world are held almost weekly.

Multicultural Weeks

Multicultural Weeks held throughout the year are one of APU’s most distinctive events. During the Week, students can immerse themselves in all aspects of culture such as music, clothing, sports, dance, and language from various countries or regions. The events are planned and run entirely by students and domestic and international students interact with each other during the event regardless of where they are from. It also plays as an important opportunity for students to network and develop intercultural skills needed in the real life world.

APU’s extracurricular activities are also international

APU’s extracurricular activities are also international

Clubs and circles

APU has many clubs and circles in addition to sports and cultural groups, such as a group which carries out international volunteer activities and a group that plans and runs events in Beppu. There are requirements for making a club, such as having both domestic and international students in the group or each club/circle activity should offer opportunities to deepen students' cross-cultural understandings.

Campus guide

APU has fourteen major buildings across the 416,000 m² wide campus. These facilities provide students and faculty members a venue for study, research and various other activities and serve as a base for communicating with the fellow students.

Scenes from the campus

APU's campus is a communication space that supports collaborative learning.

APU’s learning environment is designed to encourage communication among the students so that they can teach and learn about different cultures and languages from each other. There are always students on the main street, which is designed so that they can pass by each other. There is a Library where students learn together and access information from around the world and a study place callsed the "SALC" where they can learn English, Japanease and AP languages.

Tuition and Scholarships

APU's tuition for one academic year is composed of Tuition A (base tuition that is the same amount for all students) and Tuition B (varies depending on year level).
The scholarship system at APU has been developed to help provide equal opportunities to students and support the growth of our diverse student body. A range of scholarships are available at APU, such as APU's own scholarships and JASSO scholarships as well as government scholarships and scholarships from private foundations.