About APU


Connected learning
APU's new initiative starts here.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) was established in 2000 with the founding principles of "Freedom, Peace, and Humanity", "International Mutual Understanding" and "the future shape of the Asia Pacific region". Since then, we have created a completely new multicultural and multilingual environment.
So far, students from more than 150 countries and regions around the world have overcome differences in countries, cultures, religions, politics, values; have lived together, and learned to solve the complex problems the world is facing.


APU will utilize the outstanding global environment and global education it has built up since its opening in 2000 to set up the College of Sustainability and Tourism and take on the challenges of academic reform throughout the university.

Overview of our eduation system

01Outstanding global environment

  • Cultivate the ability to accept diversity and work together

    • Peer learning
    • AP House (On-Campus Housing)
  • Connect with the world from campus

    Global Learning

    Even while in the classroom, you can connect online with faculty members and alumni, and gain practical knowledge from around the world.

  • Global practical learning

    Global Learning

    By strengthening the alumni network, students can practice what they have learned in the classroom to the global field. We offer many types of field work and internship programs.

02Global standard education

  • Acquire skills as a global leader

    • Freshmen Education Programs
    • Peer learning
    • Common Education Subjects
  • Mastering Language as a Global Citizen

    • Language Education
    • Exchange Programs
  • Programming education that enhances problem-solving ability

    Classes on Information literacy such as programming, web design, statistics, and mathematics are mandatory for all students. We aim for half of the students to reach the applied basic level of AI and Data science.

03Professional education