Solving familiar problems prior to enrollment

  • Is there anything I should bring with me when I move into AP House?
    We recommend that you keep it to the bare necessities, such as a change of clothes, and gradually get the rest. There is a Nitori about 30 minutes from the university, so if you need something, you can buy it there.
  • How do people make friends?
    The easiest place to make friends is in English class! You will see each other 6 times a week, and most importantly, the friends you share the hardships with will become your friends for life.
  • How do I choose classes?
    After entering the school, there is a "New Student Orientation" to give you guidance on how to choose and take your classes. There is also FLAG, a student organization that supports new students, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them. They are all friendly and willing to help you!
  • Is there any other information that I need to know before enrolling or that will help me prepare for enrollment?
    Yes, there is!The APU Co-op holds orientation sessions where APU students give an introduction to student life, so please be sure to attend one!
    Current students will introduce what they wanted to know before enrolling, useful information on preparation for enrollment, and life at APU after enrollment.

APU's Co-op
"New Student Support Site FY2023"
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